Texas Homeowners Insurance – What You Need To Know

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Understanding Texas Homeowners Insurance

It is more than just a folk tale; it is true that everything is bigger in Texas. This includes weather that can pose a danger to your home. You care about your home and keeping it protected against Texas sized hurricanes, tornadoes, and hail is a vital step in ensuring that your home and family are protected. Thankfully, homeowners insurance in Texas is big enough to handle your risks. Regardless of whether you are dealing with some minor hail damage or the aftermath of a strong tornado when you have the peace of mind of being covered by the best homeowners insurance in Texas, you can focus on your family, resting assured that your home damage will be taken care of.

What does Texas home insurance cost?
Texas homeowners insurance does tend to run higher than other states, thanks to its volatile and unpredictable weather. In fact, homeowners insurance Texas ranks third in cost in the United States, trailing only Florida and Louisiana. An average insurance policy will cost $1837 on an annual basis, but this number can be influenced by a number of factors, including:

  • Where you live
  • The size, age, and condition of your home
  • Your chosen insurance provider and level of coverage

What does home insurance Texas cover?
Most insurance coverage for homes will include policies that cover the dwelling, or the house structure and any other buildings, such as a garage, that are attached to the home. Basic policies protect you financially in the event of damage from a fire or severe storm. In Texas, damage to your residence due to tornadoes are covered under “wind damage.” It is important to access your damage before making a claim, as sometimes fixing the damage yourself is substantially cheaper than meeting your deductible.

It is also important to note that as a general rule, homeowners insurance does not cover water damage. So, if your house receives damage from a tornado, your policy will cover the expenses of fixing. However, it will not cover any damage that was inflicted from the rain that accompanies the severe weather. For that reason, talk to us today about adding a flood insurance policy to your Texas homeowners insurance.

Why should you call our agency for homeowners insurance Texas?
There are several reasons why you will benefit from using our company for finding your homeowners insurance in Texas, from cost, time, your individual needs.
Because we are an independent insurance company, we are better poised to save you money on your homeowner’s insurance than other companies who represent only one insurance provider. Texas homeowners insurance tends to be costly, but the numbers mentioned above are an average. We will compare the policies and price points from several top rated insurance providers in your area, ensuring that the plan you end up with not only fits the needs of your home but is friendly to your budget as well.

Comparing the polices and cost of multiple insurance providers is good business when you are looking for insurance coverage. The problem is, combing through clauses, coverage, and exceptions can be time-consuming, especially if insurance lingo is not something you are used to dealing with. We work with insurance companies every day, and can quickly sift through the plans, bringing you in when it is time to make decisions. This allows you to spend your time doing what you need to do on a daily basis.

We work with several insurance companies, not one particular company. That is why we can consider only your needs when we are looking for the plan best for you. We will not try to shove you into the mold of one plan, leaving you with coverage gaps or making you pay for coverage you will never need. Our focus will always be you.

When you are ready to start comparing Texas homeowners insurance quotes, we hope you allow us to help. To get started, simply call, or fill out our quote form today.

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